Quick Silver Metallic Alchemy Specific Hg Silver Production Base(MAY)



  1. The liquid is a silver white shiny heavy liquid that can evaporate at room temperature.
    The liquid has reducibility, with two forms of oxidation:+2 and+1.
    The liquid is an inert metal that combines slowly with oxygen, but reacts with sulfur when mixed and ground to form non-toxic sulfide (HgS), which can be used to treat spilled.
    The liquid is insoluble in reducing acids and alkalis, but can be soluble in oxidizing acids such as nitric acid and hot concentrated sulfuric acid.
    The liquid is an element with strong neurotoxicity, and its elemental and various compounds have varying degrees of toxicity, which can cause chronic poisoning.
    Residue on ignition0.001%Max0.00096%
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